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Knowledge sharing on animal welfare


We want to create more awareness of the importance of animal welfare in the livestock sector. We already develop and share as much as possible our knowledge in the chain with suppliers, customers and other relevant stakeholders. Working together with the chain strengthens the message and creates more support. Our ambition is to share knowledge and experience on animal welfare with farmers and their advisors, distributors and other (feed) specialists via training courses, e-learning, workshops and/or webinars by Denkavit. The programme will focus on the importance of animal welfare, the participants’ own scope for action and measures that contribute to improved animal welfare. 


We have formed a project team who will develop the programme, content and format of the knowledge sharing in Q3/Q4 of 2022. The ambition is to roll out the first activity in spring 2023.


Knowledge sharing

KPI: number of participants in sessions on animal welfare, per year

Result 2022/2023
Set up projectteam
Goal 2025
Will be determined by projectteam


Animal health

Good colostrum quality for healthy calves!

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Animal health

Programcalf: beneficial for every calf 

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Animal health

Better animal welfare of our piglets


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Develop a new livestock farming concept

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Research for positive animal welfare

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Reduce transit time

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Improve animal health for young calves