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Reduce the transit time of calves


We want to reduce the transit time of calves between the dairy farm and the veal farm. The transit of young calves can be a stressful event and can lead to lowered immunity. For young calves, it is important to have at least one meal every 12 hours in order to stay healthy. Often the calves are collected at the dairy farm in the morning. Our goal is to have them at the veal farm before ‘dinner’. In that way the calves will not skip a meal.


We will start with a zero-measurement. We will measure how many calves, that are part of Programcalf, are ‘home before dinner’. The next step is to cooperate with our partners in the chain to reduce the transit time. We will start with animals that are part of Programcalf in the Netherlands and aim to increase the number of calves in the program..


KPI: % of veal calves that are part of the Dutch Programcalf in NL, that are home for dinner

Result 2022
Zero-measurement to map the current situation and set goal for 2023
Goal 2023
Increase the number of calves with a transit time less than 12 hours

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