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Reduce climate footprint


Our aim is to have a footprint as low as possible. We want to contribute to achieving the Paris Climate Agreement’s objectives and reduce our emissions.


We will map all climate emissions from the Denkavit production process. This entails:

  • Scope 1: direct emissions of greenhouse gasses from sources that we own or control directly, e.g., heating of buildings of Denkavit and use of fuels by our vehicles.
  • Scope 2: indirect emissions of greenhouse gasses generated from purchased and used energy by Denkavit: electricity, use of fuels for purchased transport and electricity for e-cars.
  • Scope 3: emissions that are not produced by Denkavit itself, and that are not the result of activities from assets owned or controlled by us. These are the emissions by those that we as Denkavit are indirectly responsible for, up and down our value chain. This includes the emissions from the veal farms (integrations).

After mapping our emissions, we will apply targeted measures to reduce emissions to reduce the carbon footprint of our company and its products.


KPI: gross direct and indirect greenhouse gasses (GHG) emissions in metric tons of CO2 equivalent

Result 2023
Mapping all emissions
Goal 2023
Map scope 1 and 2 emissions of Denkavit and the emissions from the veal farms in the integration of Denkavit (part of scope 3) and set a target for reduction 2023

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