Icon Increase the use of sustainable packaging materials

Increase the use of sustainable packaging materials


In the area of packaging materials, we want to contribute to a lower environmental footprint and more circularity. Our ambition is to increase the use of recyclable materials and/or recycled origin for paper/plastic bags (20-25 kg) and decrease the use of stretch hood foil.


We started a pilot to test alternatives for the stretch hood foils. A 10% thinner foil was tested successfully. The next step is to discuss the implementation of the new foil in practice with our purchasing and logistics departments.

In addition, the bags we use to pack our milk powder are already produced with less thick plastic bags inside. This new technique makes it possible to use less plastic in the packaging process, but in safety terms, it shows the same results as thicker plastic bags.

We also experiment with the use of more recycled plastics to wrap around pallets. The results so far are promising, and we want to increase our ambition even further. To implement and scale up a new, more sustainable packaging method the total packaging supply should be organized differently. We are currently figuring out how to fit this into the production process.


KPI: increase % of recycled plastic for packaging materials

Result 2022
Reduce 10% in use of stretch hood foil, use of recycled materials in stretch hood foil (max 30%), reduce use of plastic of inner bag
Goal 2023
Study on the use of plastic bags for the market and start with plastic bags for internal use

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