Icon Barge transport of export containers

Barge transport of export containers

Did you know that as Denkavit & Nutrifeed, we transported more than 90% of our export container shipments to the Rotterdam seaport via inland shipping (barges) by 2023?

In absolute numbers, that meant we had about 2250 fewer trucks traveling by road to the Maasvlakte. Only the pre-transport to the inland container terminals in Veghel, Utrecht & Tiel is a (small) stretch by road.

Apart from the fact that shipping via inland shipping is cheaper, it also reduces CO2 emissions. In fact, per kilometer traveled, CO2 emissions are reduced by more than 50% if a container is transported by barge compared to a truck.

By opting for barges, we keep the world a little greener, especially when inland shipping soon switches to electrically powered barges.