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Icon Better animal welfare of our piglets

Better animal welfare of our piglets

Animal welfare is a central point of all discussions. Farmers, feed companies, and consumers are all concerned about the physical and mental health of farm animals. Housing and feeding conditions are particularly discussed. As Denkavit we take action to continuously improve the welfare of our animals. Read here about what we do to improve the animal welfare of piglets.

Working together in the production chain 

Pigs breeders face various challenges. On the one hand, consumers want products with high animal health and welfare standards, while on the other hand, their budgets are limited. Farmers and actors in the industry have to reconcile economic and animal welfare objectives. In the Netherlands, an important measure was taken in May 2021. The Central Organization of the Dutch Meat Industry (COV) has developed the “Code for Animal Welfare in Slaughterhouses”. The code aims to improve the welfare of animals throughout the production chain.

A safe and healthy diet

As Denkavit we know that feeding is an essential part of piglet welfare. Denkavit offers feeds that are adapted to the different growth phases of the piglets. Our products ensure both safety and sufficient growth of piglets at weaning.

Improve housing systems for piglets

Our company is also experimenting with a housing system to improve the welfare of sows and piglets, as this is another important issue. Indeed the goal is to give advice and keys to farmers to help them, which is a very important part of our work. At the Pig Farm, we are using five years of a new housing system for the sows where they are living in 7.9 m2 areas a few days after farrowing so they can move around easily. It is a good system for the sows because they stay in better shape when they can move. They also have fewer legs and teats problems and therefore it is better for the suckling of the piglets. Moreover, sows are not blocked and it is better for the piglets because there is less risk of being crushed by the sow. Some of our farmers are developing the same system and others have innovative systems that are more comfortable and improve the welfare and health of animals.

Sharing good examples

As Denkavit we would like to show a good example of a housing system for sows and piglets. We also think it could add a very significant value in the future for meat because this fits with the consumer demand. One of our priorities as Denkavit is to foster young animals, we take care of piglets and sows welfare, which is a crucial concern for consumers as well.

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