Life Saving Rules Program

Denkavit is committed to safety for everyone! We consider safety in our workplace of utmost importance and that is why we actively work to increase safety awareness among our employees. For this purpose, we have developed our Life Saving Rules program. This internal program provides our colleagues with guidelines to protect themselves and others against accidents. We offer training, monitor incidents and involve our colleagues in our safety policy. We are happy to tell you more about it! 🔽

How do we implement our Life Saving Rules program?

The Life Saving Rules program consists of 7 different parts. Each part relates to a different aspect of safety in our workplace. Here we explain them in more detail:

  1. Denk-a-Minute (think, take time for safety)
  2. LOTOTO (safety procedure for securing machines during maintenance)
  3. Internal traffic safety
  4. Work permits
  5. Working at heights
  6. Entering confined spaces
  7. Road traffic safety

Life Saving Rules programma logo
We have created our own recognizable icon for each part.

Each part is communicated exclusively for three to four months. During this period, the relevant employees are trained in each part!


We started with ‘Denk-a-Minute’ which means: think, take time for safety. This part focuses on recognizing risks in the workplace. In addition to colleagues who are required to follow the program, we also invited other colleagues to think about where the risks are. During these sessions, we enter the workplace in small groups and look for possible risks. After the tour, experiences are discussed and recorded.

Result of the Life Saving Rules program so far

The first part, ‘Denk-a-minute’, has led to an increase in safety awareness among our employees. During the sessions, comments were made about unsafe work situations with the most mentioned unsafe situation being the traffic on the site. All these comments have been recorded and will be addressed in the coming period.

From Denk-a-Minute to LOTOTO

The next Life Saving Rule under our attention is the securing of machines during repairs or maintenance. This is where the LOTOTO safety procedure comes in, which stands for Lock-Out, Tag-Out, Try-Out. This procedure ensures that machines are properly locked and cannot be started while maintenance or service work is being performed on the machine, until the machine can be used safely again.

Working together for a save Denkavit

It is heartening to receive enthusiastic and positive reactions from participating colleagues. By involving them in our safety policy, we can provide our employees with a safe and pleasant working environment. Because that is what counts!