Solar panel reduce footrpint
Icon Solar panels for a bright future

Solar panels for a bright future

Sustainably producing electricity is crucial to meet the Paris Climate Agreement. Solar energy is not only essential to agriculture—cultivating land, producing crops, and raising livestock, but can also produce green electricity. Discover how Denkavit uses this magic source of sustainable energy. 

Solar panel reduce footrpint

Reducing the carbon footprint of Denkavit is one of our ambitions in our DenkaGreen sustainability program. Solar cells convert sunlight directly into electricity. In March 2017, the Dutch government published a policy document “Energy program: towards a low-carbon energy supply” in which it states very clearly that the aim of its energy policy is now to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In 2019, the Netherlands was the 6th largest producer of photovoltaic electricity in Europe with 3.9% of the European total. Solar panel energy in the Netherlands provides 6.5% of the country’s electricity in 2020. Solar panel installations are a solution to produce green electricity and reduce the environmental impact of industrial activities. Also at Denkavit.

Over 9000 solar panels  

As Denkavit, sustainability is in our culture. We want to give the next generation to have the same opportunities and possibilities as we had. Reducing our carbon footprint is a major concern and contributes to this. In 2019, we started with the installation of solar panels at our factory at Voorthuizen in the Netherlands. We are proud to have completed the final phase, placing the 9.025 solar panels in our new high-bay warehouse. The flat roofs of our complex are filled as much as possible with solar panels. This comes down to all the roofs of our factory, our high-bay warehouse and our research centers.

Lower carbon footprint 

With the installation of these panels, we can generate more than 25% of our energy consumption sustainably. In the coming years, our goal is to use 100% green energy. This contributes to our ambition to lower our carbon footprint. In 2023, we will map all emissions of Denkavit and set goals to reduce the emissions. With the construction of our solar park, one of the largest solar panel projects in the municipality of Barneveld has gotten off the ground locally. We are building a bright future, using green energy and reducing our footprint.

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