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Icon A rewarding learning process at Denkavit!

A rewarding learning process at Denkavit!

Denkavit allows young students to enrich their professional careers. We welcome motivated trainees in an interesting and challenging work environment. Read this interview with Salomé about her experience as a trainee with the Denkavit Green Team. 

Learning experience at Denkavit 

Salomé, a French trainee, worked for 8 weeks at Denkavit in the Netherlands. “I am preparing for an engineering degree in agriculture and agri-food industry”. During her studies at ISA in Lille (France), the young woman is an employee at the French dairy cooperative Prosperite Fermiere Ingredia. The purpose of this internship was to allow her to discover how another company works, in a field of competence with which she is familiar. “I had the opportunity to do a two-month internship at Denkavit to develop my skills and knowledge in CSR. I have always had a passion for agriculture. I am sensitive to sustainable development. Besides, I want to be involved in finding effective solutions to produce more sustainable”.

Her role in the Denkavit team 

During the internship, Salome has been integrated into the Green Team and was involved in the construction of the CSR action and communication plan. “I participated in the development of the new website to highlight the DenkaGreen program, its priorities, ambitions and sustainable actions of Denkavit”.

Learning beyond ‘working’ at Denkavit 

However, this was not the only purpose and achievement of the internship. “I arrived intending to speak and write exclusively in English and to improve myself of course”. Another success for the student who can now hold a conversation on technical subjects.

A great opportunity 

The internship was also a great opportunity for her to open her mind to agricultural and agri-food issues. “I didn’t expect this when I arrived, but my experience with Denkavit allowed me to broaden my vision of agriculture. Also the food industry, nature and our western way of life in general”. Encounters and enriching discussions with colleagues but also reading and watching documentaries have allowed Salome to open her mind to subjects she is passionate about.

“I am grateful to have been welcomed into this company. I have broadened my professional knowledge. But, most important is that this experience has made me realize what I want for my future. I am convinced of the importance of our agricultural and agri-food systems to work on the crucial challenges of sustainable development. This Denkavit experience in the Green Team confirms my sincere commitment to contribute to the enrichment of agriculture. Specific agriculture that supports our farms and helps all of us to make healthy and resilient production and the right consumption choices”.

Supporting young people and helping them to develop their skills and knowledge is what we enable at  Denkavit!

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