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Foster livestock, Feed sustainably

Our four priorities


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As a family-owned business, sustainability is in our DNA. We are committed to a sustainable and responsible food system and making a positive impact on people, animals and the planet.

As an innovative producer of high-quality feed for young animals and veal calves, Denkavit wants to contribute to sustainable food production. We believe that animals are crucial for our food ecosystem. By upgrading by-products from human food production into high-value products, we contribute to a circular economy and circular agriculture.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is deeply embedded in our way of doing business. Together with people from all parts of Denkavit we developed a new sustainability program: DenkaGreen. 

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Our sustainability priorities

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Enable people

Our employees are our greatest assets. We want to provide our employees with a safe and pleasant working environment. Education and training supports our people in their personal growth. To improve workplace safety we offer trainings, monitor incidents and involve employees in safety policies. 

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Foster young animals

Healthy young animals are the basis of a sustainable livestock farming. With our Programcalf, knowledge sharing and new husbandry concepts, we want to make a positive contribution to animal health and welfare.  

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Source responsibly

Our procurement is as sustainable as possible. Denkavit is committed to adding value to products and raw materials that are a residual flow from other production chains. 

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Reduce footprint

Denkavit is reducing its footprint. We are mapping the climate (carbon) footprint of Denkavit and will apply targeted measures to reduce emissions. 

Sustainability stories

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Enable people

A rewarding learning process at Denkavit!

Reduce footprint

Sustainability is possible everywhere: renovating the lab in Italy

Source responsibly

Less plastic is fantastic!

Animal health

Good colostrum quality for healthy calves!

More information & resources

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