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Icon Development of our employees is key!

Development of our employees is key!

Many factors make a successful company. For Denkavit employees, growth is one of the most important factors to be able to develop our company. Learn how we support our employees to retain and encourage them to grow at Denkavit… 

How do retain employees? What is the secret to having happy employees?  

Career development is one of the keys to getting employees to engage, grow and stay with a company, but it is not the only success factor. Employees are also keen to diversify their skills and knowledge, innovate, to provide the opportunity to explore their talents and have responsibilities.  

Growth and leadership skills 

At Denkavit, the professional and personal growth and development of employees is an important topic. In our company, we believe it is crucial toallow all employeesy to develop skills in their field. That is why weallow every employees to grow. One target for the coming years is to enable managers to access management and leadership development training. It is a major challenge to offer a professional development program for key positions. At Denkavit we know that team leaders and management contribute to the development of the professional and personal skills of employees in all departments. In the same way, team leaders and management encourage employees to work with a growth mindset. Denkavit provides a personal development plan for all employees with access to training and internships.  

Personal growth at Denkavit into practice

Many employees like Thomas (France), Jasmijn (Netherlands), and Alena and Kirsten (Netherlands) have been working at Denkavit for several years and have been able to grow. We believe that access to new projects and assignments for employees is very valuable and instructive and is a key factor in keeping them happy at work.  

Our employees are the key to success

Professional development and personal growth are keys to the success of our employees and our company. It is a benefit for employees and to the sustainability of our company. 

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