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Enable people

Denkavit wants to be an employer where people are safe, work with passion and are in good health. We want to offer our employees a safe and attractive work environment, with opportunities for their personal growth and talent development. In addition, we believe it’s important that everyone feels committed to our joint mission. 

Develop talent in a safe environment 

To retain employees, we want to develop leadership skills of team leads and management. By inspiring employees to work with a growth mindset, we will support each employee in their professional development. We want to enable people and ensure that everyone in the company has a personal development plan to upgrade their employee skills. A trainee programme is executed to support young professionals in their career development. A safe working environment and decreasing work-related injuries are prerequisites to enable people. 

This sustainability pillar contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals:


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Enable people & talents in career development

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Retain employees

Ensure and improve safety


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Enable people

A rewarding learning process at Denkavit!

Enable people

Gender equality at Denkavit

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Enable people

Development of our employees is key!


Enable people and talents in career development

KPI: average hours of training per year per employee

Result 2023
Start first management training program
Goal 2025
Offer a professional career development program for all employees

Retain people

KPI: % retained people: total number and rate of employee turnover

Result 2022
Get insight in the current numbers of employee turnover and set goal for 2025
Goal 2025
Employee turnover is decreased (quantitative targets will follow)


KPI: number of work related injuries per 1.000 employees

Result 2022/2023
A clear definition of safety at Denkavit and a comprehensive safety programme
Goal 2025
Decrease work-related injuries and improved visible felt leadership in safety


Foster young animals

Source responsibly

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Reduce footprint