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Caring for young animals is in our nature

Caring for young animals is in our nature. With high-quality feed and innovative concepts, Denkavit works to improve the animal health and welfare of calves, piglets and lambs. With our Programcalf we work together with the dairy farmers to increase the health and resilience of the young animals.

Foster young animals 

In our CSR programme, we are working on five topics to contribute to the better health and well-being of young animals in the livestock sector. We want to further improve the welfare of calves at veal farms by reducing the transit time between the dairy farm and the veal calf farm. For the veal calves in our integration, we want a healthy environment to grow in and decrease the incidence of lung diseases. We invest in research and development for positive animal welfare and are committed to sharing knowledge on animal welfare with farmers and specialists in the livestock sector. Additionally, we want to be a leading partner in the development of new livestock concepts aimed at higher animal welfare.

This sustainability pillar contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals

Impact areas

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Share knowledge with farmers and their advisers

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Develop a new livestock farming concept

employee in the lab

Research for positive animal welfare

Calf drinking in a box

Reduce transit time

calves looking into the camera

Improve animal health for young calves

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Animal health

Good colostrum quality for healthy calves!

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Animal health

Programcalf: beneficial for every calf 

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Animal health

Better animal welfare of our piglets

Goals and results

R&D for positive animal welfare

KPI: percentage of total research projects with the goal to have a direct positive impact on animal welfare

Result 2022
Zero-measurement on the number of R&D projects working on positive animal welfare in current situation
Goal 2025
Will be determined in the beginning of 2023

Animal health

KPI: percentage of veal calves without traces of long disease

Result 2022/2023
Zero-measurement and set goal for 2025%
Goal 2025
Increase the amount of veal calves without traces of long disease %

Knowledge sharing

KPI: number of participants in sessions on animal welfare, per year

Result 2022/2023
Set up projectteam
Goal 2025
Will be determined by projectteam

New meat concept

KPI: a new meat concept with improved animal welfare driven by Denkavit

Result 2022
Research on opporunities and connecting with stakeholders
Goal 2025
Introduce a new meat concept to the market

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