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Retain our employees is key


We want to retain people by engaging, attracting and inspiring people. This requires full leadership (people) skills of all management and team leads at Denkavit. Therefore we offer training for management and team leads to increase their inspirational leadership. 


We will make a zero-measurement for each of the six countries where Denkavit has offices. We will identify national benchmarks to set the goals for every country for the coming years. 


Retain people

KPI: % retained people: total number and rate of employee turnover

Result 2022
Get insight in the current numbers of employee turnover and set goal for 2025
Goal 2025
Employee turnover is decreased (quantitative targets will follow)


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Enable people

A rewarding learning process at Denkavit!

Enable people

Gender equality at Denkavit

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Enable people

Development of our employees is key!

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