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Restore biodiversity

Biodiversity for food and agriculture is the foundation of our food systems. Highly productive agriculture, nutritious diets and a healthy environment should go hand in hand. The small, daily actions of each company can help towards more sustainable food systems and preserve soil, fauna and flora. See how Denkavit supports biodiversity.

Colourful flower fields at Denkavit 

During the spring and summer, you can see flowers and herbs on the edges of Denkavit’s fields with corn and wheat crops. Poppies, dandelions and violets are invading the paths. The reason behind it is simple: biodiversity.

Green Denkavit plots 

On the various plots around our factory and research sites in Voorthuizen, we grow several plant species. Our employee Arnold Groot Wassink, Denkafarm team leader, manages these plots. In spring, green and beautiful flowering plant margins surround our plots.

Helping hand 

These flowering field margins not only look very beautiful, but they also offer a helping hand. They help field birds to survive and these cheerful borders are an indispensable source of nectar and pollen for insects. These include many useful insects: pollinators and natural enemies of pests. Biological diversity is of interest to all of us.

Agricultural biodiversity 

Biodiversity for food and agriculture is vital to food security. Agriculture in the Netherlands is an important form of land use. Farmers can contribute to the recovery of biodiversity. Sustainable farming by protecting biodiversity is crucial to combat crop pests and diseases and fostering healthy soil.

Farmers for biodiversity 

In recent years, the Dutch agricultural sector has made steps to adapt its practices to create a positive interplay between agriculture and nature. To stimulate biodiversity on farms, the Dutch government is working with the farming community. Many measures have proven successful, including landscape maintenance and small-scale nature conservation, creating favourable conditions for butterflies and moths and other flora and fauna.

Reduce the environmental footprint of Denkavit 

As Denkavit, we do our best to enrich biodiversity and contribute to a good balance. This is essential to reduce our environmental footprint. Moreover, the colours of the flowers contribute to the beauty of the landscape and give great photos.

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